To the attention of passengers


Checked baggage is a baggage that the carrier has accepted under its responsibility and issued a baggage tag.

The allowed amount of checked baggage and carry-on is shown on the table below. And the amount of luggage that can be carried may vary depending on the conditions of the ticket.

Type International Domestic
Aircraft AIRBUS A319 ERJ-145LR AIRBUS A319 ERJ-145LR
Economy 20*kg 20*kg 15*kg 15*kg
Child 15*kg 15*kg 10*kg 10*kg
Infant Infant stroller/ necessities.

(*-Total sum of carry-on and checked baggage)

  • Infants /0-12mths/ will be entitled to 1 collapsible stroller free of charge.
  • Discounted fare passengers are allowed the same amount of luggage just as any other passengers.
  • In order to ensure flight safety, the carrier reserves the right to limit the amount of baggage.
  • When two or more passengers are flying together to the same destination at the same time, the total amount of luggage allowed to be carried free of charge is equal to the total amount of luggage allowed for total passenger.
  • If passenger luggage exceeds the allowed weight, passenger must pay an extra fee at the airport. If your baggage is checked to be transported to your final destination through transit, the excess baggage transportation fee must be paid fully at the first point baggage check-in.


Unchecked baggage is a baggage that is carried on board an aircraft under the sole responsibility of the passenger. The carrier shall not be held liable for any loss of luggage or personal items, items left or forgotten on the plane. Passengers shall be allowed to carry a small hand luggage that fits in the overhead bin and the sum of the three dimensions of the luggage shall not exceed 115cm for ERJ-145 and 115cm for Airbus A319. You can also carry the following items on board free of charge. These include:

  • Men’s document folder
  • Women’s small handbag
  • Umbrella and/or cane
  • Small camera and/or binoculars
  • Books and newspaper for reading on the plane
  • Food intended for infants
  • Children’s stroller
  • Wheelchair

If a passenger is carrying a musical instrument and/or a fragile item (computer monitor, etc.), larger than the allowed carry-on size, passenger can reserve a seat for it. In this case, following rules apply;

  • If passenger is carrying a large item on a passenger seat, price of transportation fee will be equal to that of a passenger ticket.
  • Discounted tariffs do not apply to baggage that occupies a seat.
  • Baggage weight shall not exceed 75 kg.
  • Baggage transported in this manner is the sole responsibility of the passenger in charge.

Restriction on liquids in passenger carry-on. In accordance with ICAO requirements for flight safety, the following restrictions apply to any liquid substance in passenger carry-on;

  • Liquid substance in carry-on shall not exceed 100 ml.
  • All liquid must be packaged in clear, and sealed 1-liter bags.
  • Each passenger is allowed to carry one such bag of liquids in carry-on.
  • Liquids larger than 100 ml should be transported in checked baggage.
  • These restrictions do not apply to in-flight medications or food intended for infants and children.